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At Grand Dial we strive to make sure our customers and perspective clients feel informed. Below are some of those FAQs. If these questions don't answer what your inquiring about feel free to call at (616) 776-1066.


  1. What model of phone system would you propose? Can you provide a list of supplementary features?
  2. Our Systems are GDC-PBX Systems. We are quoting with Grandstream handsets. Many of our features are listed under the Multi-Tenant Feature Set topic.

  3. Does your system support one-to-one conferencing (intercom) from phone to phone?
  4. Yes. Our solution supports off hook intercom. An intercom/page dial will cause the dialed phone to go off hook in speaker phone mode and will automatically hang up when the calling party hangs up.

  5. Does your system support one-to-many paging between phones?
  6. Yes. Our solution supports off hook intercom paging to groups.

    We currently support two modes:

    1. One-to-many (one way only):
    2. Caller is heard by the receiving group and group participants can’t respond

    3. One-to-many (full conference):
    4. Caller is heard by the receiving group and any member of the group can respond, with all participants of the group able to hear the response.

      If an endpoint is on the phone, it will receive ringing for a group page but will not cause the active call to drop.

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