"We come to work each day to improve and enhance our customers' business. Their success is our success." - Bryant Zimmerman CEO

At Grand Dial Communications we pride ourselves on our excellent service and customer support. What ever your technology need, we can have our dedicated staff assess your need and solves it in a quick and timely manner. Our help desk and remote support services allow us to streamline the service process and effiecently resolve any issue.

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IT Services

Managed IT

  • Equipping you with the tools needed to do business effectively
  • Quick response to emergencies
  • Monitor & manage your office computers & network
  • Professional recommendations for planning business continuance & scalability
  • Personalized service
  • Patient technicians

À la Carte -- You are looking for a quick repair. Click on Remote Support for immediate assistance via the internet where one of our skilled technicians will take a secured peek at your computer and correct the problem. This includes Disaster recovery. You can also contact us by phone for our patient and personal phone support or submit a support ticket under Support and we will arrange to get you timely assistance.

Prepaid Service -- 2, 5, or 10 hours of service? You may be planning a specific software or network installation or upgrade of your existing hardware, software, or network configurations and simply need a general technology contractor like ZK Tech to do the job right the first time. Our approachable, competent, and experienced professionals will personally handle your technical needs and if necessary, provide personal one-on-one training afterwards.

Weekly Service - -5, 10, 15, 20 hours of service and include our RBackup remote backup service, remote and on-site support, network monitoring, and ongoing training of your personnel by our friendly technicians. Normally, those who chose this plan have also used ZK Tech software engineers to create custom application tools and programs for their organization. ZK Tech can arrange a service plan specific to the needs of the organization.

Monthly Service -- Your firm has a recurring need for technical troubleshooting, network monitoring, and maintenance. Perhaps train your staff on newly implemented customized software tools and applications designed for your firm by ZK Tech. You'd prefer to outsource your IT needs and would like a personable ZK Tech technician to come for routine troubleshooting and monthly maintenance . Plans include our Rbackup remote backup service, remote and onsite support, and network monitoring--all tailored to a specific block of service hours required to meet your complete IT needs.

Check out our basic RBackup remote backup service plans for daily peace of mind data storage.

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