"We come to work each day to improve and enhance our customers' business. Their success is our success." - Bryant Zimmerman CEO

Data? Who Cares?

Data is everything: phone numbers, e-mail addresses and messages, user logon credentials, files, applications, calendars, etc., and often business critical and day-to-date operations.

Business security starts with data backup, before catastrophe strikes: regularly--not when you remember or have sufficent drive storage. We want you to have peace of mind.

Pepperdine University's Graziado Business Review, in its article "The Cost of Lost Data", states,

"A company that experiences a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50 percent of companies suffering such a predicament will be out of business within 5 years."

On-Site & Off-Site Backup

Now that we have admonished you, we are sorry if you have ever experienced data loss--even little megabytes worth. We've skillfully recovered digital video footage from corrupt array drives, data files that survived significant laptop "crashes", and virus tampered server files.

Downtime hurts when your data is lost, corrupted, or virus infected and can't be recreated or restored. We know you learned your lesson. You will not commit such gross negligence again.

Now can we talk about Offsite Data Backup to truly renounce this bad business habit? We want you to have peace of mind from now on.

Our Back-Up plans for business start at $59.00 month where we, Grand Dial, automatically back-up your data for you. Is it worth another migrane of stress and cursing the hardware or yourself and the slipping priority level in your task list as time goes on, not to insure your data with a truly reliable back-up plan of action?

Help! I need my data back!

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