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Cluster Foundation

Businesses, whether profit or non-profit, rely heavily on their application, data, and storage server environments. Many are looking to cloud (group) solutions to offload some of these system management burdens. However, some resources must stay on a highly available internal platform.

Grand Dial Communications brings a cost effective highly available and scaleable cluster environment to the cloud arena of system management.

Built on the on Microsoft Hyper-V Server Core, this platform deploys high availability virtual machines. We support both Microsoft and Linux based guest servers. We provide servers with webhosting, data storage, client apps, and much more. This approach is highly reliable and scalable, ensuring your services will be available for 1, 100, or 1000 clients.

Our cluster performance design achieves conservative load capacities on host servers to ensure fail over capacity volumes while ensuring organizational scalability. Cluster nodes are tailored to meet individual client budgets while positioning future scalability wherever fiscally possible. We strive to offer cost effective migration paths for organizational growth of our clients.

Cluster storage occurs through a Storage Area Network (SAN). Within the SAN environment we leverage Fiber Channel, and iSCSI base storage appliances scaled to client data volume requirements. Our strong experience in the ZFS file system partnered with FreeBSD as well as several strategic vendor partnerships allows Grand Dial to bring robust storage solutions to even the most constrained budgets.

Core Cluster Nodes

Core Cluster Nodes are the physical servers that run an organization's virtual machines. Virtual machines can be configured to fail between nodes, minimizing the impact of hardware/software failure. In additional to automated failover, virtual machines can be moved while active using Hyper-V live move tools.

Our core cluster nodes make infrastructure scaling possible. Node options range from single processor 8 core systems with 16GB of RAM up to quad processor systems with 16 cores each and 256+ GB of system memory, Additional Core Cluster Nodes can be added to further increase capacity.

Storage Array Network (SAN)

Unified storage is the hub of our clustered solution. Our SANs can operate with industry standard storage appliances, and with our ZFS storage platform appliances. Grand Dial empowers these appliances with a UNIX core platform and an underlying Open Solaris ZFS file system. The combination of FreeBSD’s stability, ZFS’s performance, and redundancy utilizing RAID-z2 offers unprecedented value.

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