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The Threat

Malicious deviants, organized crime, and cyber terrorists have elevated computer system attacks and data theft to a high art. This art is one of trickery and deceit, and the consequences are extremely high:

  • Data Theft
  • Lost Revenue
  • Repair Costs
  • Reduced Productivity

Grand Dial Communications experts have spent many years assisting customers with technology protection strategies and virus and malware cleanup. Let us help protect your technology investments.

Managed Antivirus Services

Grand Dial offers a managed approach to protect your technological investments. Our managed Antivirus/Malware protection services offer not only system protections. We can monitor the status of systems we watch for critical markers such as protection definition updates and attack and cleaning trends. These efforts are combined to assist in prevention and early intervention in the event of an attack. Our goal is to increase security, productivity and reduce the risks of financial loss.

Virus and Malware Cleanup

In cases were antivirus and antimalware software have been neglected or users have been tricked into allow attacks to penetrate their systems. The arduous work of recovery and cleanup must occur. Grand Dial has many years of working with clients to not only getting their equipment back on line, but taking it a step further. Data protection plans and recovery plans must be taken to try and protect any critical information that may yet exist before the cleanup process proceeds. Client data is the key focus of recovery, and then return to full operation can occur.

No matter your organizations size Grand Dial is poised to assist in your technologies protection need freeing your organization to focus on its core charters.

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