"We come to work each day to improve and enhance our customers' business. Their success is our success." - Bryant Zimmerman CEO

We offer Voice over the Internet phone service (VoIP). Our goal is to provide attentive customer service while offering both quality enterprise and home office solutions. If you're looking for a basic single-line offering or a more advanced multiple-line offering, we've got you covered. What's best for your business?


Our buisiness class VoIP solution is flexible: build upon your existing system, implemenet a replacement system, or work with you to design and implement your first highly scalable phone system. We are a Grandstream Reseller Connect Partner. We also interoperate with most Cisco - Linksys, snom VoIP Phones, Digium, and Yealink.


Residential customers have not been left out of the Grand Dial family. For this critical market sector we have developed our "Home Communicator" offerings.

Internet Connectivity

First we recognize that solid Internet connectivity is core to any ensuring a quality VoIP based phone system. After establishing and optimizing your new internet connection, we walkthrough phone setup, extensions, routes, and anything else you require. With the completion of initial setup and testing, our friendly staff continue to provide superior support as your business grows for years to come.

What Our Customers Like

Most of our clients prefer our Cloud Hosted PBX package, the most complete and reliable solution we offer with many features including an auto attendant, a great selection of new phone systems, advanced quality of service (QOS), among many other feature choices.

Features of our Voice over IP  (VOIP) Services

With our Office Connect Platform we are able to provide phone services for single or multiples locations. Multiple locations can operate as a single entity, allowing call transfer, call park, and more. This flexibility also allows for remote workers to communicate seamlessly as part of your organization.

Advanced QoS (Quality of Service)

We provide consistent, high clarity, voice services--even when your coworker is watching too much YouTube.

VoIP 101

At it's core, VoIP utilizes the internet to transmit voice phone/video calls over a computer network rather than a traditional phone line. The information is compressed into digital data packages that are then transferred over a computer network.

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