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Hosting Service Plans

Website and web application hosting is a basic necessity for most businesses and there are many options and providers from which to choose.

Whether you already host your website on a shared server with an internet provider or are ready to co-locate your own dedicated web server in a Data Center, you have probably experienced the performance issues related to viewing websites on the internet. Fast response times keep a viewer's attention. Conversely, when a website is slow and viewers must constantly wait for pages to load, they frequently leave the site, often going to a competitor's site. Thus, if your site is slow, it's costing your business money and potential clients.

Grand Dial Communications offers full service hosting solutions to meet any business need. Our hosting platforms are Microsoft based and allow robust deployments with support for many of the available web standards including (ASP.NET, ASP, Perl PHP, CGI-BIN).

We offer additional services for website design and application development. You may have started out with a basic, get me up and running site, or you many be at the point where you now need to access additional elements such as contact forms, e-commerce, content rotators, streaming media and subscriptions. No matter what your needs are, we have options to fill them.

Our hosting platforms leverage the latest in virtualized system platforms allowing us to scale quickly to meet our new and existing customers' changing needs. Our shared and dedicated options allow us to tailor the options to best suit your organizational needs.

  • Contact our dedicated customer service staff to discuss hosting needs.
  • Competitive value-based services
  • Shared and dedicated hosting options
  • Web Server, DNS, Database, E-Mail
  • (ASP.NET, ASP, Perl, PHP, CGI-BIN)
  • Co-location of your equipment in a secure offsite location
  • Microsoft Windows Servers
  • And much more......

Hosting Service Plans

  • Website(s)
  • Web Application(s)
  • Domain Migration

Mail Standards

  • Active Sync


  • Virtualized Servers
  • Co-Location
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